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Item #: KGTO2L-S
2 L Cartridge Description: KGTO2L-S KrestoGT Orange Boost
Item #: KGTO64
1.89 L (1/2 Gallon) Pump Top Description: KGTO64 Orange Boost (Case)
Item #: KGTO64-S
1.89 L (1/2 Gallon) Pump Top Description: KGTO64-S KrestoGT Orange Boost
Item #: KGTPS20
20 mL Pouch Case of 250 Sample Packets Description: KGTPS20 Paint Shop (Case)
Item #: KGTPS250
250 mL Tube Description: KGTPS250 Paint Shop (Case)
Item #: KGTPS250-S
250 mL Tube Description: KGTPS250-S KrestoGT Paint Shop
Item #: KGTPS2L
2 L Cartridge Description: KGTPS2L Paint Shop (Case)
Item #: KGTPS2L-S
2 L Cartridge Description: KGTPS2L-S KrestoGT Paint Shop

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